Extra opening hours

Dental hygienist appointments now also available on:

• Wednesday evening (Location WTC)
• Thursday evening (Location Keizersgracht)
• Saturday (Location Keizersgracht)

News from Dentist Practice Noordermeer

Dentist Pratice Noordermeer has been established in the WTC in the Zuidas in Amsterdam since 1991. After close to 25 years, the practice changed its name to Mondzorg Praktijk Zuidas. Since half of the practice has been taken over by Marie-Anne van Lexmond, owner of Keizers Mondzorg, the practice will not only continue to focus on the aesthetic components of dental care, but now also increasingly on prevention.

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Keizers Mondzorg

Since September 2013, it has also been possible to schedule an appointment with the dental hygienist at Keizers Mondzorg, located on the lower level at Keizersgracht 524.

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