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We focus on prevention, but in case you do have an appointment with the dentist, it is good to know all treatments are performed as sustainable as possible. In our practice we work with CEREC, a method for inlays made to measure using speedy computer technology, whilst you are waiting. These porcelain restorations last a life time, so we can assure you no further treatment is needed a few years down the line. Long-term preventive care, sustainable health for your teeth.

The healthier your mouth is, the healthier you are – and that starts from a very early age. To prevent children from developing dental problems, we advise to get acquainted with our dentist and dental hygienist when they are young. Our experienced team makes sure any possible anxiety disappears in a playful way. During the first 24 years, teeth are still developing and therefore vulnerable. Especially during the development of the secondary teeth – between ages 6 and 24 – attention to dental health is important. Recurrent preventive treatments show a considerable decrease in cavities and is fully covered by insurance until the age of 18.

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